Tyler Beaver

Founder / CEO

Founder of Beaf Cattle Company
Licensed and Bonded Commission and Brokerage firm facilitating global protein sourcing, from live to processed and packaged, encompassing all protein sources

Founder of Open Range
Mobile Agricultural Social Media application focused on bringing together agricultural producers to increase the farmer and rancher's bottom line profitability as well as product integration in a global sales environment

We also are joint ventured with multiple forces to provide a GDP growth package in agriculture sector entities via hands on learning and implementation of policies, procedures, connections to maximize a country or regions output

Nikki Beaver

Marketing/PR Manager

AI / Genetics Specialist

Manage content creation and public relations for our mobile application as well as marketing, and content across all mediums

Licensed Artificial Insemination specialist, managing cross company deal flow, pairing genetic profiles for optimal protein production values.

Adam Roettele

International Trade Manager

Managing protein and commodity trades on a global capacity.

Manages product trade flow between our partners and producers

Clay Strong

Live Haul / Livestock Procurement

Manages domestic live haul logistics, and domestic protein procurement supply chains